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Conflict and Communication

Mediation is meant to be a therapeutic process but this does not mean that it is without stress. Sometimes we have to let the anger out before we can really begin to heal.

We believe that some conflict is good and, as long as the communication is not derogatory or causing harm, we will often let the parties get a little bit heated in the communication. Our role is not to communicate for you but to assist you to communicate between yourselves. Sometimes that communication occurs through us as the mediator however we do try to have the parties directly talk to each other.

We walk around with our own glasses on and that is how we perceive events, issues and the world in general, it is because of this that we will have the parties talk to each other as, even the mediator as impartial to the situation, will put a personal slant on what is said.

There is a famous concept for communication, being an iceberg, the basics of the concept is that our words, actions and reactions are only part of the communication. Underlying to those we have feelings, needs, assumptions and unexpressed wants. It is the underlying issues that we try to get to in mediation and again the reason that we allow the conflict to get a little heated. Often when things are heated our inhibitions are lowered and we can start to pick up what the real issues are.

As part of the process, we may ask if you have received some professional assistance, it is often because we realize that there are other issues at play however our role and in staying impartial does not provide that we delve into it. Self-awareness through this process can make for a more productive mediation.

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