What is Mediation?

Where a neutral third party helps people, in conflict, negotiate and discuss their issues, resulting in mutually acceptable agreement.

Why Choose Mediation?

  • Property Settlement

  • Child custody

  • Pet custody

  • Work related conflict

  • Issues with your neighbours

  • Confidential, impartial Mediation

Faster Resolution

It could take several months just for an interim hearing and over 12 months for a final hearing. 

Attending mediation may result in full agreement in just 1 day and you'll feel heard. 

Cheaper Alternative

When you consider that the cost for a lawyer can range between $200 and $650 per hour, mediation is many Australian's preferred choice when it comes to conflict resolution. 

Nationally Accredited Mediator

Working in law, I witness conflict every day.  I see people argue over issues, just on principle and I have seen relationships break down completely in the process. 


Choosing a Mediator, can assist both parties in discovering underlying issues and come to a happy resolution quicker. 

Mediation can preserve a good relationship or even help mend a bad one, as we work towards a win/win resolution.  


“The most intense conflict, if overcome, will leave behind a sense of stability and calm that is not easily disturbed”

Carl Jung


Nationally Accredited Mediator

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